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Original Deluxe Bundle

Original Deluxe Bundle

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1 ea 2lb + 1 c/s ea 8oz + 1oz

Original / Cacao / Dirty 1oz @ $7.00 - per unit

Original/ Cacao/ Dirty 8oz @ $29.99- per unit

Original/ Cacao/ Dirty 2lb @ $108.00 - per unit

If you want to stay light on your feet, this is the best way to stock up! The people will come from all over. Behold! They've got Rasa by the cup! They've got the big bags, they've got little bags! Step right up! Step right up!

Big colorful tent and those adorable little monkeys that does cool tricks not included. But we're sure you can find one somewhere 🤷🏼‍♀️🐒.

  • 1 case (6 bags) each of 8 oz Original, Cacao, & Dirty
  • 1 case (12 bags of each) of 1 oz Original, Cacao, & Dirty
  • 1 case of (1 bag each) of Big Sexy (aka 2 lb bag) Original, Cacao, & Dirty