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Peppermint Cacao

Peppermint Cacao

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 Ultra Limited Edition.

Please note there are only a few cases available for wholesale and this item is extremely seasonal. (it won't be back this year, but could be back Dec 22 depending on requests)

Peppermint Cacao is your holiday-in-a-cup, minus the chaos, plus an added dose of calm, joy, and did we mention it’s freakin’ delicious?

Drink Peppermint Cacao when...

  • You’re craving a peppermint hot chocolate but want to avoid the heavy dose of sugar in traditional mixes (ours has zero sugar!)
  • The holiday cheer is tipping more towards holiday chaos, and you need a moment to unwind, connect in, and do something really really kind for yourself
  • You had a big holiday meal and you could use a little digestion boost (thanks, peppermint!)
  • You're seeking to connect to what matters most this holiday season and give your mood a boost in that direction

How does it taste?
Like a healthy peppermint hot chocolate. One of our team members says it tastes like an Andes chocolate bar.