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Blog posts The 6 Ancient Herbs of CALM

CALM; an offering.

When we set out to create Calm, we had an experience in mind; a sacred moment. A moment when the sun dims,  and the curtains dance in the evening breeze.

A moment of presence, of reflection. A moment of nourishment and restoration. A moment of timeless, unbound peace.

They say that synergy is achieved when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And this my friend, is the magic of herbal formulation.

Each of these ancient and sacred herbs was hand selected by our clinical herbalist based on their historical and modern use.
Based on their legend, and their myth.  

Each stands in their own power. Blue lotus for dreaming, Jujube to calm the spirit, Rehmannia to evoke yin. But together, well... together they are a lavish bouquet of herbal wonder.

Peer into the harmonious formulation of these sacred botanical treasures that bring you the fullest and most embodied experience of Calm.


Ashwagandha (Sensoril), 250 mg
This Ayurvedic superstar is one of the few adaptogens that is also a calming nervine, making it a unique option for deep energy and restoration. It is also one of the most studied of the adaptogens and the broad range of clinical trials gives us a glimpse into the somewhat counter-intuitive nature of adaptogens. For example, ashwagandha may both increase athletic performance and increase sleep efficiency. Instead of the stop go cycle of stimulants in the morning and sedatives at night, ashwagandha helps us find our natural rhythms. 

Jujube 8:1 extract, 500 mg
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the shen is known as the heartmind and is considered the home of our spirit. When we are under considerable emotional or mental stress our shen can be disturbed, leading to anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, and scattered mental energy. Jujube is a traditional herb to calm the shen and help with occasional sleeplessness.  

Reishi 16:1 extract, 100 mg
Reishi is the most famous of all medicinal mushrooms and is also considered an adaptogen. Ling zhi, reishi’s Chinese name, translates as “spirit plant”, named for the herb’s powerful ability to nourish the shen. Ancient Chinese sages considered this herb to be the key to immortality, and indeed, a certain sense of timelessness can be felt while drinking this mushroom. 

Rehmannia 5:1 extract, 400 mg
Prepared Rehmannia is considered a premiere yin tonic in Chinese medicine. Our culture favors yang (social, active, fast) over yin (stillness, rest, depth). Instead of honoring the balance between the two and feeding the yang from a source of deeply nourished yin, we often run our yang energy into the ground, characterized by over-extension, burnout, and the use of stimulants like coffee to maintain an increasingly superficial energy. Rehmannia helps feed and fortify our deep yin energy. On a physiological level, rehmannia is thought to restore and nourish the adrenals.

Blue Vervain 4:1 extract, 100 mg
Vervain was revered by ancient druids for its ability to encourage creative inspiration and focused intention. Modern herbalists use blue vervain as a relaxing nervine to loosen tension in the head and neck and quiet persistent thought patterns. Perhaps these ancient and modern uses are not that different, because a certain magical energy is available once we release the tensions and worries of the day and feel the unobstructed flow of our vitality.   

Blue Lotus  
Sacred to the ancient Egyptians, blue lotus is a gentle nervine and mild euphoric long used to enhance meditation and encourage dreaming. The beautiful blue and yellow hues of this flower add beauty, softness, and a drop of delight to this blend. 



A rich and deep velvet-y brew, with notes of vanilla and undertones of sweet, roasted dates to enchant your taste buds and usher you into your deepest dreams. This luscious, liquid euphoria offers rest and retreat, and above all, nourishment for your heart shen: home of your ineffable, unshakable spirit. 




Step into a  decadent afternoon, after-dinner or pre-bedtime moment of repose and self care with your new favorite blend that makes you feel lavishly embodied & deeply relaxed


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