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MAP Policy

Adaptogens, PBC d/b/a Rasa.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy
Last Updated 7/26/2021 

Download a copy of our Maps Policy Here

Rasa (“RASA”) has implemented this Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy”) for all RASA coffee-alternative, cacao brew and coffee blend products to protect the brand image and reputation of RASA, the quality and reputation of RASA’s products and their value.  A complete list of the RASA products subject to this MAP Policy (“MAP Products”) and manufacturer suggested retail prices (“MSRP”) are set forth on the attached Exhibit A, which Exhibit RASA may update from time to time, in its sole discretion.

The MAP Policy establishes the minimum advertised price (“MAP”) at which any wholesale buyer of Rasa products may advertise the MAP Products for sale on any channel.  This MAP Policy is non-negotiable.

RASA will provide to each Reseller updated MAP pricing on price sheets or otherwise each time RASA introduces a new product or changes prices; new prices will be effective upon receipt. In general, the prices Resellers advertise for MAP Products cannot deviate from the prices on the attached Exhibit A by more than 15%.

RASA expects all Resellers to adhere to the MAP Policy requirements listed below.  However, RASA cannot, and does not attempt to, control the prices at which Resellers sell the MAP Products.  Resellers may sell the MAP Products at whatever prices they choose.

RASA’s sales representatives will not communicate with Resellers regarding other Resellers’ advertising of MAP Products.

This MAP Policy applies to all forms of advertising media, including, without limitation:

  • Print (e.g. newspaper, multi-part inserts, magazines, and other periodicals);
  • Radio;
  • Television;
  • Direct Mail (including email and faxes);
  • Catalogues;
  • Social Media; and
  • Internet.


  • Advertising for any MAP Product cannot show a price or value that is lower than MAP.
  • When two or more MAP Products are offered together, the advertised price cannot be less than the sum of the MAP Prices for such products.
  • Advertising that indicates or implies that a price that is below MAP is not acceptable (e.g., the MAP price is shown with a line through it).
  • Site-wide sales which advertise a blanket price reduction that includes MAP Products are not acceptable.
  • The following advertising does not violate this MAP Policy:

           o Advertising that does not state or imply a price.

           o Advertising that promises to match or beat the advertised prices of competitors.

           o Advertising that offers free or low-cost shipping/handling or some other free service for a MAP Product, provided that the advertising does not subtract the value of the free service or item to show a resulting price below MAP.

          o Advertising that promotes the use of gift cards or reward point programs, provided that the advertising does not subtract the value of the gift card or reward program to show a price below MAP.

          o Advertising that requests a customer to “Call for Price”.

          o Store-wide or site-wide sales so long as specific units and prices are not advertised.

This  MAP Policy  covers  all Internet advertisements  of the MAP Products on  all websites regardless of ownership.

If RASA, in its sole discretion, determines that any Reseller’s advertising violates this MAP Policy, then RASA, by written notice, will impose the following sanctions:

          First violation: RASA will provide a written warning.

          Second violation: RASA will increase prices of all MAP Products it sells to the Reseller by 15%.

         Third violation: RASA will halt all sales to reseller of MAP Products for two (2) months.

         Fourth violation: RASA will halt all sale to the Reseller permanently.

RASA requests that Resellers do not forward information concerning alleged MAP violations by other Resellers. RASA will disregard any such information.

RASA will unilaterally administer this MAP Policy, in its sole discretion.  RASA will exclusively interpret and enforce this MAP Policy, in its sole discretion.  Please direct all inquiries regarding this MAP Policy to Veronica Ferreira at

Last updated: July 26th, 2021