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Brewing in Coffee Urn/Percolator

The amount of water depends on how much Rasa you think you’ll serve that day. You can also fill your coffee urn completely & refrigerate remainders. Rasa keeps for up to a week in a sealed container in the fridge and is delicious iced!

The General Guideline: 1 Tbsp Rasa per 1 cup (8 oz) water.

1. Add water to the percolator (& be sure to measure how much you add!)
2. Insert the metal tube into the hole in the bottom, and nestle the filter basket on top of it. You can say "that's a good filter basket" if you're into that kind of thing.
3. Put 1 Tbsp Rasa per 8 oz water into the filter (so if making 20 cups/160 oz, use 20 Tbsp. Yay #maths!)
4. Plug in the percolator and turn that bad boy on! When the green light turns on, your Rasa is ready to drink! This usually takes about 15-20 mins.

To Re-Brew Rasa (more value for your $$!)

1. Drain & clean the percolator but do not empty the filter. Put the filter in the refrigerator for overnight otherwise yer grounds'll get funky, and nobody likes funky Rasa grounds! 
2. Add new water to the percolator (i.e. for 20 cups of Rasa, add 20 cups of water).
3. On top of the already-brewed herbs, add 1/4 the amount of Rasa you originally brewed (so if you originally brewed 20 Tbsp Rasa in your first brew, add 5 tbsp more of fresh, dry Rasa. For 50 Tbsp, add 12.5 Tbsp; for 10 Tbsp, add 2.5. etc. Yay #maths again!)

What About Leftovers? 

DON'T toss them, pretty please! Beautiful humans like yourself worked hard to grow, harvest, clean, dry, cut, transport, blend, and package these valuable herbs. And also, wasting Rasa = wasting money and ain't nobody got time for that! 
If you have leftovers, put them in a sealed container and store in the fridge for up to a week. You can serve it over ice with some milk/mylk/whatever as an iced latte.

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