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The 5 Components To Spicy Rose's Secret Sauce

Our Herbalist’s Perspective on Spicy Rose Cacao 

We’ve added potent aphrodisiacs to a Cacao Rasa base to enhance, deepen, and ignite your sensuality.

Aphrodisiac herbs encourage greater sensation, presence, and enjoyment of sexuality. These range from: 

  • Relaxing Herbs: helpful when tension and stress inhibit your flow; 
  • Stimulating Herbs: for when you need a little extra fire; 
  • Circulatory Herbs: to help get your blood flowing to all the right places; 
  • Herbs for the Emotional Heart: subtle permissions to open to yourself, your partner, and your life.

Spicy Rose Aphrodisiac Rasa with Maca powder, rose petals, chocolate, chiles, and ginger slices on red background

We’ve included two full spectrum extracts in this blend for extra potency. Full spectrum is important because the extract retains the original ratio of compounds found in nature—we’re not isolating or prioritizing one compound over another. This ensures a superior product with high bioavailability, synergy, and established safety data. A 10:1 ratio means 10 grams of raw material produce 1 gram of extract. So 300 mg of a 10:1 extract is equivalent to 3000 mg, or 3 g, of raw plant. 


1. Maca 10:1 extract, 300 mg: libido, baby, libido. A Peruvian legend tells us that Incan warriors would consume Maca before battle to give them extra strength. But after the battle was over, the victorious Incan were prohibited from eating Maca in order to protect the local women from overzealous sexual energy!

Select studies:
  1. A Double-Blind, Randomized, Pilot Dose-Finding Study of Maca Root (L. Meyenii) for the Management of SSRI-Induced Sexual Dysfunction (Dording, et al., 2008)
    Dose: 3 grams of maca root
    Conclusion: Maca root may alleviate SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction including having a beneficial effects on libido.

  2. A Pilot Investigation into the Effect of Maca Supplementation on Physical Activity and Sexual Desire in Sportsmen (Stone, et al., 2009)
    Dose: 2 grams 5:1 maca extract
    Conclusion: 14 days supplementation with maca extract significantly improved time to complete a 40 km time trial and increased self reported sexual desire in trained male cyclists.

    Both of these studies were conducted over a period of 12 weeks, emphasizing the sometimes gradual ramp-up of effects we see from herbs. While we often feel an herb immediately, it usually takes several weeks of regular use to achieve the fullness of experience possible with these powerful plants.  

2. Schisandra 4:1 extract, 200 mg: Schisandra is a well-rounded adaptogen that is famous in China as a sexual tonic. This berry is said to increase the “Water Qi” (read, secretion of sexual fluids) and enhance endurance and pleasure. In Traditional Chinese Medicine schisandra is also used to “calm the Shen”, our spiritual heart. When fatigue, stress, and anxiety get between us and our full sexual expression, schisandra is a potent remedy. 

Ginger slices and chocolate fragments on red background

3. Ginger & Cayenne: Both of these herbs are powerful circulatory stimulants, leading to increased blood flow in the extremities and the pelvic region. Ginger’s warming and aromatic essence brings us back to our bodies in a present, grounded, and energizing manner. It’s the inverse of the popular saying, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” Instead, it is “Where blood flows, attention goes.”

Rose with chili peppers on pink background

4. Hawthorn & Rose Petals: These are essential to the Spicy Rose Cacao blend for opening and softening the emotional heart. Among the Celts of the British Isles, Hawthorn has long been associated with magic, sex, and fertility. They understood that hawthorn was connected with love and could tend to a tender heart. On a physical level, hawthorn increases cardiovascular power and improves circulation. And rose? What better a flower to evoke the sensual and seduce the senses? 

5. Adaptogens: In addition to the aphrodisiacs we’ve packed in to Spicy Rose, the adaptogens already in Rasa are a type of aphrodisiac in their own right. Stress shuts down our reproductive energy. After all, when you see a bear in the woods, you run or you fight. You don’t make out with that bear! Adaptogens help balance our hormones, bring us back to our resting parasympathetic state, and allow us to leave the stress of the world at the bedroom door. 

Sex and sensuality are multifaceted, individual, and often unpredictable. This nature of the erotic makes picking the right aphrodisiac herbs difficult at best. With Spicy Rose Cacao we offer you a well-rounded blend aimed to support your entire sexual being from the ground up. In addition to the herbs themselves, adding rituals, intentions, and beauty to your cup of Rasa will go a long way. Click here to read Lopa’s blog on how to set the stage to get the most out of your aphrodisiac herbs.   

Hand holding rose and bag of Aphrodisiac Spicy Rose Cacao Rasa

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