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The 12 Herbs Behind Rasa’s Effectiveness by Lopa van der Mersch

So you've heard of Rasa, and you know that it is an herbal coffee alternative with ingredients that can benefit your body, mind, and spirit.

But what are these 12 ingredients exactly and how can they help you?

Below you'll find a quick rundown.

(If you're interested in learning more about a particular ingredient, click on its name for a more detailed herb profile.)

Adaptogens are Nature’s antidote to stress. These herbs live in harsh conditions around the world, meaning they have not only learned how to be resilient in the face of stress but these badass herbs actually thrive in stressful environments.

Herbs and Adaptogens for Focus and Energy

These are the adaptogens in Rasa:

Ashwagandha - provides a calm balance, promotes longevity, soothes nerves and builds up energy stores.

Codonopsis - restores the body's natural energy, strengthens the immune system and promotes digestion.

Eleuthero - cultivates pure energy, balances the endocrine system and tonifies Qi.

He Shou Wu - rejuvenates, improves sexual vibrancy and enhances memory and our stress response system.

Reishi - relaxes the mind and strengthens the adrenal system.

Rhodiola - supports endurance and stamina, improves your mood and brain power and enhances fertility.

Shatavari - nourishes the entire body, restores the nervous system and enhances fertility.

And these are the other herbs in Rasa:

Burdock Root - purifies by stimulating the lymphatic system and also boosts the immune system.

Chaga - provides broad-spectrum immune support and purifies the bloodstream.

Chicory Root - boosts flavor, enhances digestion and regulates the bowels and liver.

Cinnamon - stimulates circulation, supports blood sugar balance and relieves sore muscles.

Dandelion Root - gently detoxifies, promotes digestion and improves liver function.

When combined in Rasa, these adaptogens and herbs provide a balanced energy boost without all the side effects traditionally experienced when drinking coffee–as well as the other benefits described above.

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